The primary purpose of ENNIR is the exchange of information and best practices in order to contribute to more thorough oversight. After all, 'experientia mutua omnibus prodest' or 'mutual experience benefits all'.

ENNIR contains an area accessible to the public in which information is provided to interested third parties such as academics, members of the public, etc. In addition, it takes the form of a password-protected (members only) website in which expertise, neutrality and objectivity are key values. The participating institutions sign a declaration of intent and guidelines in which they confirm their agreement with the principles underlying the initiative and hence with the exchange of information.

ENNIR focuses on the exchange of information and expertise among the different members, on a completely voluntary basis. The initiative does not serve as an instrument for defending collective interests, nor entail joint research projects or the exchange of operational or classified information. However, it contributes to the further development of the specialized field (through the provision of documentary information via annual reports, research reports, legislation, case law, best practices, announcement of conferences, etc.); develops and promotes expertise in the field, and hence stimulates the professionalization of bodies exerting review; and it facilitates comparative legal studies and even serves as a sounding-board (and discussion forum).


Last update: 21/12/2011